Saturday, 19 April 2008

Why did you marry Daddy and how did you make me?

My wee girl who is 3 years old is always thinking and her questions are becoming more and more challenging. She asked her daddy, "How did you make me?" He said, "Ask your mammy!" So she waited for me to come home from a meeting and greeted me with the question. I was surprised as I thought it would be another few years before we would be having this talk. Anyway, I spared her the mechanics and just told her that "daddy put a little seed in mummy's tummy and it grew into you. Aren't we clever to make you?" The moment I said it I thought Oh hell she's going to ask how he put the seed in, but, thankfully she didn't and was satisfied with the answer - for now.

She also wants to know what everything is for, why we have to eat, why everything grows, why are there trees and why is everything the way it is.

My girl found our wedding video and loves to watch it. "What's married for?" she asked. I told her we got married because we loved each other and so we could have her. Now she is planning her wedding in our village church where her brother was christened. She is going to marry her Daddy. "But he's my husband", I said. "But I want to marry him too", she said. Then she wanted to know why I married Daddy. "Because I love him and so I can spend my life with him", I explained. "Me too!" she said. She told him he can get married again - to her!

She is so full of plans and in such a hurry to grow up. She wants to get married and have babies. She has also been thinking about her career. For a while she wanted to be a teacher, then a doctor and now she wants to be a clown - a falling down clown! She is looking for someone to teach her to juggle! She wants to be bigger and go to the big school and to drive. Actually she thinks she should be allowed to drive now. "I don't want to be 17 and drive I want to be 3 and drive!" What a character we have on our hands.

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