Saturday, 26 April 2008

the secret to a long life

We had a visitor at the weekly oil painting class. A male journalist came to photograph our teacher for a feature he is writing on her for a local paper. I told him he should come back in June when Kitty turns 90 and that she is our oldest resident. Never! he said, shocked. What's your secret?
Usually old people when asked that question say things like always have a purpose in life, my family keep me young, I never drank or smoked. But what, Kitty said had us all laughing. Her secret is Catch them young, treat them rough and tell them nothing!
It wasn't until after he'd gone that Kitty realised he was from the paper. What a laugh we had imagining her picture with that caption. It was funnier still when he popped back to check some details with the teacher.
I didn't know you were from the paper, said Kitty.
It's too late to rewind the tape now, quipped the journalist.

It was funny observing the effect of a man coming into our class. We did have a male member (no pun intended!) but although middle-aged he didn't exude much masculinity and was more like an over-grown child. The journo had them giggling, saying silly jokes about male models and had us all posing for a picture for the paper.

So now you know how to live to a ripe old age.

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