Tuesday, 8 April 2008

a little introduction

My first post was a little premature as I haven't properly introduced myself so I will give you a little summary of my life as a happy highland housewife. I live in a small village of around 100 inhabitants. I have a husband and two children. A 3 year old who is a lively, intelligent wee character and thinks she's in charge and a 9 month old son who likes company, exploring and playing with his big sister. We are in the process of building a house - quite literally. It will be a beautiful big house and we have planned it for years. At the moment we are crammed into a two-up two-down. The reason we are crammed is because we have got too much stuff. We try to be kind to the environment and bring our children up happily and healthily. We are too busy most of the time and never get stuff done and that is frustrating. Unusually for a remote place there are lots of families with young children living here which is great. What isn't so great is that there is no shop for 15 miles, and the town, nursery, supermarket, doctor and all useful and / or necessary services are 18 miles away and a 30 minute drive. We spend a lot of time and money driving cars.
I am a housewife but I find domestic chores boring and I only do them because I hate to live in filth. I hate the house to be too messy but I naturally clutter the place. I do like cooking. In fact, I enjoy food a lot. I look after the children and try to find a bit of time to do things I enjoy just for myself. I enjoy walking, writing, reading, photography, painting, watching television and talking to friends. I really enjoy the occasional night out even if it is just to the pub for a drink and a craic. Craic isn't a misspelling of the popular drug. Craic means having fun chatting, sharing jokes and stories and a laugh.
I'll tell you more in future posts...

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