Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Baby sprays friend with pasta sauce

Meeting an old friend in town for lunch today so decided to make a bit of an effort and blow-dry my hair properly, put on make-up and smartish clothes. Like me she has left her city life but she has gone to live on an island. Her move was more recent and she has no children so she still retains some city glamour and I didn't want her to think I'd let myself go. I just had the baby with me and my friend was dying to see him. Her boyfriend was meeting her later in the town and probably a little nervous that she would be broody after our lunch. The baby was so slouched in the high-chair because he kept pushing himself down and he was being awkward. My friend in her nice clothes, perfectly straightened hair and delicate jewellery (I clocked it straight away as a potential target for little fingers to pull and snap, hence, I was relatively unadorned!) offered to hold him while I spoon-fed him spaghetti in a tomato sauce. Well, if she had any notion that babies were so sweet and adorable it went out the window when out of the blue he twisted his head round and with a mouth full of orange-coloured sauce blew her a raspberry and for good measure a second one. Fair play to her, she kept smiling even when I picked a piece of pasta off the side of her face. Now that's what I call a real friend.

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