Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Do you promise to stay faithful?

Yeees, I reply expecting yet another mundane question about the lunch I am preparing.
Do you promise to stay faithful to Daddy forever?
The question comes bolt out of the blue and I stop what I'm doing. There's only one thing I can say, "I do".
Do you respect him?
How do you get married?

My three-year old loves to watch our wedding video but I didn't realise she was absorbing so much of the ceremony. Now she is reminding me of my wedding vows and holding me to them. Next time I show little sympathy when he has man-flu or complain we have no money she will be quoting the whole "for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health" bit to me. We were married 6 years ago, long before she was born. She listens to the whole ceremony and takes delight in spotting people she knows and copying the dancing. Now she is planning her own wedding to her Daddy in our village church where her brother was christened. She doesn't care he is married to me. "We can share him!" she says. And, "It's okay Daddy, you can get married again." I must have missed that bit - hand me the remote I need to rewind.

Now she's having a tantrum because I won't give her my wedding ring!

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