Friday, 12 December 2008

Everything is breaking down

The tumble dryer has no heat. 
The dyson has no suction. There is a label on it that says 'never loses suction'.
The sky digibox is kaput. Even the man in the call centre agrees.
The printer does not print. (Yes, I tried new cartridges. Yes, I switched it off and on again.)
The DVD remote control is lost and the toddler boy is getting the blame. (Actually, I just found it after 2 weeks of searching. It was in the book case hidden from the kids - by me!)

Oh and MFI went bust before giving us a VAT receipt. They can't give us one now because they sold the printers. That is actually what they told me. They have still to replace a broken cabinet and a length of plinth. At least we got our kitchen.

My house is resembling a grubby laundry. Damp clothes hang everywhere. The carpets are thick with dust, hair, crumbs and God knows what else. My 4 year-old daughter said, "I wish our house was as clean as everybody else's." I could have died with shame.