Thursday, 10 April 2008

mums group baking frenzy

5 of us have had babies in the last year which is something of a population explosion so we decided to set-aside a couple of hours every Thursaday to get together with the children. There is no village hall or anywhere to meet other than each others houses so we take it in turns to host. When we first started meeting a packet of biscuits would be brought out with the coffee. Then someone decided to be a domestic goddess and we were greeted by the smell of muffins fresh out the oven. This raised the bar somewhat and now they are all baking. Today it was raspberry and chocolate brownies that were so sumptiously delicious that I do not know how I had the restraint to refuse a second. She did cheat though as it was her brilliant chef husband who baked them. Next week it is my turn and not to be outdone on the domestic goddess front I am already thinking what to bake. As my toddler is already planning to help bake for the ladies I can already envisage cupcakes garishly decorated with multicoloured animals and millions of hundreds and thousands.

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