Friday, 16 May 2008

buiding gathers apace and some unusual shopping

You need to get a conical adapter. That is very important. The best place to get one is Bonk & Co. So said the brickie. Instantly suspicious I asked if he was joking. What kind of a place is Bonk & Co and just what is a conical adapter? It turned out to be perfectly innocent. Bonk & Co is a woodburning stove company and the conical adapter is just a part we need. We are so lucky with our brickie. He is polite, friendly and always returns our calls. He is also very accommodating and is going to build our chimney before the kit comes. So Sunday, Monday he will build the chimney  to 1st floor level with my husband labouring for him. Then on Tuesday the kit arrives. As soon as he phoned to say he could do it we had a rush on. First of all we had to get new chimney plans as my husband had finally agreed to go for a wood burning stove and not a dirty, inefficient open-fire. We got the new plans emailed to us very quickly by Skye Homes (excellent house company!) and talked to the brickie about materials. We were too late to get our materials delivered on time by the builders merchants so I had to organise getting our pick-up MOT'd for husband to collect the materials. At the builders merchants I felt a little out of my depth when they started asking questions about the materials. Thankfully I had brought the plans. I explained that I don't know what any of these things look like and that I am more used to shopping at Debenhams. They couldn't have been nicer, or more helpful. Don't worry, they said. Shopping in Debenhams is no fun for us. I said it is difficult at times because we are self-builders and we don't really know what we are doing. We rely on other people to keep us right. Don't worry, he said, half the builders in town don't know what they are doing either!
I phoned Bonk & Co and they arranged to send down the part the next day. Next I organised to borrow my brothers scaffolding tower. That night we phoned the joiners who are erecting the timber-frame kit and they are all set to go on Tuesday. And I contacted a delivery company to arrange collecting extension forks that have been made especially for the fork-lift.

Everything has been going so smoothly so it is no surprise that we have one problem. Our site agent. A person we pay to help us. But, he doesn't! We don't have a building warrant for the superstructure (house!) yet. The reason being that 6 1/2 weeks ago when building control contacted him with some queries regarding our application he left their letter lying on his desk and did nothing about it. I only discovered this by chance when I happened to be on the phone to Skye Homes at the same time as they received a fax from him containing the letter from building control. Funny that, As I had emailed him only an hour earlier asking if there was any news on our warrant.  I was so pissed off but I waited until the evening before composing an email. I got a very apologetic reply but I am still pissed off. We are going to carry-on regardless!
I am so excited. It is now only 4 days until the kit arrives! 

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