Sunday, 25 May 2008

Happy Birthday to me

I am 32 today. I can hardly believe it and I think it is time to stop counting. My children gave me flowers and my husband gave me chocolates. I did tell him not to buy me anything as money is tight with the housebuilding and I had a bit of a spree in Inverness last week buying outfits to wear to weddings. It is obvious that yesterday with our daughter away for the day to a Katie Morag show with her Granny  that he drove 15 miles to the nearest shop to buy cards and gifts. As it is a small supermarket the choice is limited. So the flowers are a few carnations and a couple of gerberas. There are some small purple ones as well but I can't tell what they are because they are dead after spending all night and all sunny morning in the car without water. They all fitted comfortably into the small vase. As I write he is tucking in to the chocolates! 

We didn't get much sleep last night with the baby teething and the fact I stayed up late as my sister came to stay. So, it was a slow start to the day and then a mad rush to meet up with my family for a birthday lunch in a hotel. Afterwards we went to my Mum's for birthday cake. My daughter chose it for me when she was shopping with her Granny yesterday.  She helped me blow out the candles, that is, she blew out the candles. She was just in the nick of time as the baby's fingers hovered closer and closer to the flames. 

Turning 32 feels like an insignificant event. It is not a major milestone or anything. The best bit about my birthday is the joy my daughter gets from celebrating it with me. She said it was a great party and she was so delighted to bring me cards, presents and birthday cake. She also chose to wear her new party dress. My sister gave me a lovely top and other gifts of money were most welcome. Might help cover the cost of my shopping spree. So, it was a good birthday and a happy family day.

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