Friday, 30 May 2008

I am descending in to chaos

This housewife is dosed with the cold and  my house has descended into chaos. I down tools for one day and mayhem erupts. There is stuff everywhere, dishes piling up in the sink, laundry gathering into a mountain and the place is starting to look grotty. I am a  housewife who is none too keen on housework but I can't stand to live in dirt and mess so I do it. Unfortunately, I am the only one who does it. I'm thinking I should either exert the will of mind over matter and spring into cleaning action or I should just bail out for the day. Go somewhere peaceful with the children. It is warm and sunny. As I write I have decided to do housework this morning and go out this afternoon. I will take the children for ice-cream and visit the beach. 

My daughter is supposed to be going to nursery but I am not taking her because I cannot face the traffic. Can you believe that a half hour journey to nursery yesterday actually took one hour 15 minutes? We are not urban commuters but the traffic jam would rival city rush hour traffic. We snaked along and eventually made it to the town centre by which point I had lost the will to live and the girls were desperate for a pee. At least that's what they said to add to the stress of the journey but the minute we got there they didn't need. Then, nobody would let me turn right into the car park. The traffic blocked the access and they just kept coming. I told the nursery that we wouldn't be in today. 

I also have a bit of work to do on myself. I have honestly been too busy to bleach the hair on my upper lip. Looking at it in my magnifying mirror it is like a full-on moustache. I find myself talking to people with my hand over my mouth. The trouble is finding the right time to do it. I can't do it when baby is awake because he would stick his fingers in it. I can't do it during the day because someone would come to the door the moment I applied it and at night-time I am too knackered. I find myself glued to my nursing chair, feet up, glass of red wine in one hand, macbook on my lap and something, anything on the telly. Of course, it is not really that bad (at least that's what my husband tells me) but I did promise myself that I wouldn't let myself go after having children. Only, it's not that easy. I don't have the time or funds to groom myself like I used to. My hair hasn't been cut for ages, my legs are well overdue a wax, my feet are not yet summer sandal ready and it is at least a year since I applied a face mask. 

I think I will go and write a to do list.

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