Friday, 23 May 2008

we have walls

Yesterday morning the second load of our timber-frame kit arrived. My husband stayed in bed with man-flu so I dropped the kids off at my friend's (she is also my soon-to-be next door neighbour).  When it was all off-loaded there looked to be enough for two houses. I left the joiners having a well-deserved cup of tea at 11am. After the nursery run I went up to the site to see if there were a few walls up. I couldn't believe it when I saw a house. All the main downstairs walls were up. I could walk through doorways, stand in rooms, look out windows. It was so exciting. I have dreamt of living in this house for years and now I can really walk inside it. It feels light and spacious and it is just as I imagined.
After our weekly art class I went out with two friends for a drink to celebrate the walls. There was only the three of us in the bar but we had a great laugh. 7 G&Ts later I arrived home at 2am. My head was bad in the morning but not bad enough to regret it.
All the joiners were on site today and put up partition walls and first floor joists. I was doing the nursery run again today and the weekly shop so my husband, let's call him H, said he would go to the site to talk to the joiners about schedules and bring them some plans. Only, he didn't. Aaargh! I hit the roof. Why does he have to be so unreliable? 
With all my focus on the new house the house we live in is descending into chaos. Never mind, there's always tomorrow. 

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