Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Our house arrived - eventually!

Today was the day. At 9am I arrived on site with 2 kids in tow, the camcorder and camera to record the momentous occasion when the kit arrived. Already on site was a lorry with the roof trusses and  A was busy on the forklift removing our trusses from the lorry. My wee girl hopped on and helped him safely take the trusses up on site. The joiners appeared - 4 of them- all set for a day's work. But still no house. At half nine I phoned Skye Homes and they said the lorry should be on its way and that they would check and phone back. For an hour and a half me and the two kids wandered around and got eaten alive with midges. I was in a constant state of excited anticipation with the camcorder round my neck waiting to capture the moment our house arrived. It turned out that the haulage company had forgot. Forgotten our house! I mean for fuck's sake how can you forget a house! The owner of the company had even driven past it loaded on the trailer at the weekend and thought to himself that it was loaded too high to go under the railway bridge! Anyway, a driver was dispatched and we were told the house would be on site at 3pm. More like 4pm we thought. So the joiners started the genny and boiled the kettle for a cup of tea. Thankfully, they had other jobs to go to and went away for the afternoon. I despatched one child to nursery and at 3.05pm as the baby was draining a bottle of milk my brother (who is one of the joiners) rang to say the house was there. I had missed filming the arrival! The lorry had not been packed that well and as large pieces were removed small pieces below crumbled of the side on to the ground. Even I could see they weren't packed properly. It also turned out that they had simply removed panels from the top  that are the first to be assembled so now there is no work for the joiners to do on site tomorrow. What a balls up! Everything was going so smoothly until now. It is so annoying but there is nothing to do but wait and moan and complain. I feel bad for the joiners who had cleared their schedules for us and now there is little for them to do. What a waste of time. I am totally exhausted now and this momentous day has been something of an anticlimax.

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