Friday, 13 February 2009

Valentine Valentine

"We don't do Valentine's. It is just commercial rubbish. Every day is a day for romance with us" said my deluded can't be bothered husband.

"I think setting aside even one day of the year for romance would be a good idea 'cos believe me every day with you is not romantic," I retorted as I wiped mush off the high chair, loaded the washing machine, answered daughters query about the location of Paris on the map and simultaneously swept the floor with the brush stuck up where the sun don't shine. 

Only once when we were dating did he send me a card on valentine's day. I can't exactly describe it as a valentine's card because it wasn't. It was a scenic view postcard a tourist might buy. He didn't choose a valentine's card because they were in the shop his ex-girlfriend worked in. It was very early stages and I sent him the only card I could find that didn't mention love or sex. 

He did buy me chocolates twice on random occasions while we were dating. The first time half the top layer was missing because he got hungry on the journey and the second time he left them in a woman's car and she thought they were for her. Now when he buys me chocolates he hovers over me excitedly waiting for me to open them. Sometimes, to torment him I say I am saving them for Wednesday or a day far into the week ahead. Then when I open them I eat them quicker than I want to just to make sure I get my share. One Easter, there were no eggs left in the shops so I bought us a large bar of Galaxy each. He polished off his instantly and I ate half and saved the other half. I came home from work looking forward to sitting down with a coffee, a magazine and my chocolate....but...I couldn't find it. I was raging. He had eaten it. How low is that.

Another occasion springs to mind. He popped out one Easter Sunday morning and when he came back called up the stairs ( I was still in bed), "I've got a surprise for you." Excitedly, I bounded down the stairs like a little kid. I can't tell you how disappointed I was when he produced a danish pastry. I cast it up to him every year.

I don't want slush and cutesy but just some old-fashioned cherishing, a bit of effort and undivided attention. I used to think Valentine's was embarrassing commercial nonsense but now I think it is a great idea to have at least one day in your calendar dedicated to romance.

This year for Valentine's day I am leaving him at home with the kids. Daughter has made him a lovely card in nursery and a heart shaped sweetie so he will be happy with that. I will be even happier because I will be in Edinburgh for the whole weekend wandering city streets and bars, getting a city haircut and going to a fancy dress party in the flat of one of my bestest old friends who is 40 on Valentine's Day. Her postie will think her very popular when he delivers a stack of cards to her on Saturday.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I guess you must love him for so many other things than his ability to be romantic? Good thing being away for the weekend - he might just appreciate you more when you get back - now that's romantic!

Have a good weekend.

Working mum said...

He ate your chocolate after eating his? Sooooo not right. What is he thinking?

At least a weekend away means you get to eat chocolate at your own pace (chocolate is a subject very close to my heart, as you can tell). Hope you had a good time!

auntiegwen said...

I am a ferocious caster upper,
Hope you had a fantastic weekend - I was lucky enough to live in Edinburgh for 13 years, c'mon gie's yer Edinburra porn, I am a poor cratur living over the border now.

GoneBackSouth said...

Hmm no I must confess he doesn't sound like much of a Romeo. And you've made me feel slightly guilty that whenever my husband buys chocolate I always eat far more than him ... I belong to the "if chocolate exists it must be eaten" school of thought. Ah well, maybe age will make him more romantic (here's hoping)?

A Modern Mother said...

Highlighting your blog on British Mummy Bloggers this week...

Anonymous said...

I've just found your blog via British Mummy Bloggers. More reading matter to distract from the task in hand! I was about to ask what part of Scotland you're in but of course you might not want to say in public.

Fiona Stocker said...

My husband calls it "commercial bollocks day". Traditionally now, I reply "You're a wanker" and buy myself a large bouquet of flowers with the joint account credit card. I find affords me considerable satisfaction, moreso than if he'd bought me something in the first place, actually.