Monday, 4 May 2009

cut off from all communications

In case you are wondering where I've been I just want to say I'm still here but I'm in a communications wilderness. The reason is we've moved into our new house. Yippee! At last! But because we are just a little disorganised we have moved in with no broadband connection, no TV, no radio reception (except local radio and there is no real news on it) and the nearest newsagents is 15 miles away. We didn't have a phone line until a few days ago! And our mobile reception is dreadful. I was enjoying being in blissful ignorance of the world and being free from the constant demands all this media and information technology places on you. We have been singing, watching films on DVD, playing music and reading, having conversations and just sitting in silence listening to the birds singing. Out of everything I miss the internet connection the most.I am just snatching a couple of moments at work to type this. I will be online next week (fingers crossed) and back to blogging about being a highland housewife. I've missed blogging and reading all your blogs. I've missed internet banking, shopping, browsing, news. I actually had to hand write (our printers broken) letters and post them - how quaint!


Working mum said...

Sounds like when we moved house and had no phone, TV or internet connection. Bliss for a while, but then relieved to get back to modern civilisation.

Housewifeinthehighlands said...

We are now online and it is great to join civilisation again.