Friday, 12 December 2008

Everything is breaking down

The tumble dryer has no heat. 
The dyson has no suction. There is a label on it that says 'never loses suction'.
The sky digibox is kaput. Even the man in the call centre agrees.
The printer does not print. (Yes, I tried new cartridges. Yes, I switched it off and on again.)
The DVD remote control is lost and the toddler boy is getting the blame. (Actually, I just found it after 2 weeks of searching. It was in the book case hidden from the kids - by me!)

Oh and MFI went bust before giving us a VAT receipt. They can't give us one now because they sold the printers. That is actually what they told me. They have still to replace a broken cabinet and a length of plinth. At least we got our kitchen.

My house is resembling a grubby laundry. Damp clothes hang everywhere. The carpets are thick with dust, hair, crumbs and God knows what else. My 4 year-old daughter said, "I wish our house was as clean as everybody else's." I could have died with shame.


GoneBackSouth said...

Oh dear so yesterday wasn't the best day ever? I hope today improved. And never mind about the tidy house comment - most people I know with kids live in a mess!

Dyson PR said...


I work for Dyson and picked up your blog post on my Google alerts.

Try giving the customer care team a call and hopefully they'll be able to get your machines fixed: 0800 954 0154.

All the best, Camilla Dyson

Housewifeinthehighlands said...

my dyson is now as good as new now that it has a new filter.

Thames said...

Hope everything gets better soon! Must be cold up there. I spent on Christmas in Skye and actually wore a wool hat to bed!

Just found your blog and have added to the best of the British Mummy Bloggers of 2008 on

tartetartan said...

Know how you feel. My little' un once asked me if we could move back into our old house. When I asked why, he said, "because it is too messy here!" Oh the shame.