Wednesday, 18 June 2008

there are voices everywhere

It is true. I'm not hearing voices in my head but voices on the floor, under the couch, under my foot, under the table, under everything it seems. As I opened the oven door a voice said, "Your hair is so soft, I wish I had hair like yours". Honest to God. It was a talking hairbrush that I had caught with my foot. Then as I sat on the couch for a moments relax in a rare quiet moment a wee voice sang loud, "woof woof woof Hello baby". These voices are actually quite friendly. But then, later, as I crept in to bed in the dark a loud cackle pierced the silence. "Ah ha ha", like a wicked witch. 


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I've just stumbled upon your blog and very good it is too. I'm a Glaswegian living in Northants so am keen to hear about your highland experiences. I'll be back to read a few more posts but keep up the good work. Good luck with the renovations.

Highland Housewife said...

Hello mob. Nice to meet you. I am just going to go and read your blog!